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Relaxing Music 24/7, Sleep Music, Birds Music, Snow Music, Stress Relief Music, Spa, Meditation, Yoga, Zen, Calming Music
God will bring happiness to you
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This music gives you a sense of calm, tranquility, and inner peace. Close your eyes and relax yourself

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Relaxing Music 24/7, Sleep Music, Stress Relief Music, Spa, Meditation, Yoga, Zen, Calming Music
God will bring happiness to you
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Relaxing music 2024 Relieves stress, Anxiety and Depression. God will bring happiness to you.
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Singing Bowls meditation music for Relaxation, Study, Sleep, Insomnia & Meditation. Good for waiting rooms, offices, restaurants and therapeutic centers. This video can help you for stress relief and insomnia. Tibetan Bowls are also good for study and to stay concentrated.
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⁣Users can easily convert, save or print PST files to Adobe PDF by using most common ZOOK PST to PDF Converter tool. It is dedicated tool to convert PST files to PDF format including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals and all other Outlook data. This tool is developed with modern algorithm, which makes it complete safe tool to save Outlook emails to Adobe PDF.

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⁣Angelina Mango "La noia"

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Do you want to view your SQL MDF files? SysInfo provides a freeware solution; SQL Viewer to open SQL Database from corrupted MDF file without any data loss. This online solution to preview and open SQL server database without connectivity of server. For more info:
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GRAPHIC DESIGN TRENDS IN 2022 | Design Trends of 2022 | Trends in Design for 2022
Top Graphic Design Trends in 2022 key takeaways:
see latest trends in :-

#1. Colorful minimalism
#2. Attention to inclusion
#3. Geometric shapes
#4. Simple data visualization
#5. Monochrome effects
#6. Classic serif fonts
#7. Text-heavy videos
#8. Psychedelic design
#9. Symbols, symbols, symbols
#10. Muted colors
#11. Social slide decks
#12. Surrealism
#13. How do you keep up with current trends?
The importance of graphic design cannot be overemphasized. It adds to identity as well as extends beyond the appearance of a brand. Due to good graphics, brands provide education, inform or convince the audience by using various images, shades, and shapes. It’s important to realize that things regularly change in the world of graphic design and it’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. Consequently, designers should explore the latest trends of 2022 thoroughly and implement them in their activities. Later in this article, I will tell you about new trends, which will be relevant for several years.
Colorful minimalism
According to traditional beliefs, minimalism combines black text with white background, but as a rule, such images lack brightness and colorfulness.

In the past year, modern creators have done a lot of work and now it can be said that the concept of «minimalistic design» has completely changed. Fans of new minimalism are emerging in today’s world. This minimalism mixes two designs with the use of important sense-bearing components only. Global giants like Apple have already implemented neutral and muted color palettes in their marketing messages.

However, a range of color palettes hasn’t become an obstacle for modern designers. They create beautiful combinations of sophisticated design with traditional minimalism. Color and creativity have become advantages of many famous brands, which have dismissed unnecessary elements and gave due consideration to visual effects.
Attention to inclusion
The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked interest in reconsideration of social prejudices around the world. Currently, this movement continues to inspire all people, in particular, graphic designers.

It’s evident by diversity, which is represented in many designs. Renewed interest in this problem can be seen in how graphic designers portray diversity while trying to achieve positive changes with colorful illustrations and stock photos.

Change has touched the designers, who have achieved fame by portraying black people in inspiring works of art. It’s expected that this inclusion will get itself into graphic design, the purpose of which is to highlight different cultures, skin color, and beliefs.
Geometric shapes
More and more geometric shapes show up in graphic design this year. Wherever you look, you’ll see designers use such shapes in their work, while replacing abstract ones, which used to define graphics earlier.

You can combine them with any image and create a unique mix of unusual details. They became popular with many companies such as Rivet, Zendesk, and Venngage. Apart from the images, you can use shapes to represent data points, display content, and even reflect your brand. Even better, these shapes combined with muted colors create client-friendly text and attractive visual effects.
Simple data visualization

A positive result is achieved because a reader can quickly see the conclusion, which an author is trying to lead to with a picture. Considering tons of data that people have been dealing with lately, reader-friendly images are critical. Designers do that to retain people’s attention. Remember that complex information is usually ignored because the readers are trying to save their time and scroll.

Data can be simplified with the help of simple pie or bubble charts. But if you are a creative person or you want something more attractive, the creation of infographics is the best option. Make sure that you have all the necessary information, which you want to present graphically, and it’s well-visualized.
Monochrome effects
Nowadays many graphic designers are experimenting with the creation of images and saturating them with monochrome effects. As a derivation of a two-color trend of 2017, monochrome effects are becoming increasingly popular with graphic designers. Use a monochrome filter and the achievement of an unusual result is guaranteed.
Classic serif fonts
Serif fonts, which date all the way back to the 15th century, are one of the oldest font styles still in use. Don’t get serif and san serif fonts confused. Note that classic serif fonts have little «embellishments» at the top and bottom (or on both sides) of letters. Our ancestors couldn’t express themselves in a standard way even in writing.

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For artist only:- trends-design hugger

UI/UX design mistakes:-

Packaging design trends 2022:-

Digital illustration trends 2021:-

What Is Graphic Design?:-

social media trends 2021:-

Web Design Trends 2022:-

30 Biggest Graphic Design Trends for 2021/22:- #see latest trends in :-

What is this guide about?
The purpose of this guide is to take you through the intricacies of the different types of animation styles and techniques. It also covers the path you should take (and what does that path entails) in order to become an animator for each of the 5 types.
This guide is not about leaning how to animate, but instead it breaks down the five different types (or genres) of animation available to you, and what you’ll need to start animating. Best software, best schools, and courses.

Styles covered:
3D computer animation
Traditional animation
2D Vector-based animation
Stop motion
Motion graphics
I hope that reading this will push you to take your first step to pursuing your dream of making animation.

3D, also referred to as CGI (computer generated imagery), is the most popular type of animation for feature films currently, and it's become common in TV and short films as well.

This is also the same type of animation used to create digital characters for live-action films and animation for video games.

An animator uses a digital puppet (called a character rig) to position the character, and then use a system of motion paths (or splines) to define the movement of the character between those poses.

The computer proceeds to interpolate the frames of the animation in between the key frames. The animator then refines these frames until they are satisfied with the animation.

3D animation is a technically intensive process, which often involves many separate specialists to model the character, rig it with bones and controls, animate it, and then texture and light it for the final output.

Even when the character is standing still there should always be some sign of life or gentle movement to keep the illusion of life, this is something 2D animation can get away with much more easily than 3D animation.

3D animation has definitely revolutionized how the animation industry looks today, and it all started in 1995 with Toy Story, directed by John Lassetter.

Computer generated animation wasn’t completely new at the time, since it had already been used in TV commercials, movies and computer games, but Toy Story set the bar by being the first feature-length computer animated film, re-imagining the animation industry.

3D animation also lead to studios trying to achieve photo-realistic animations by combining high-level computer processing with advance motion-capture. This has led to films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, and Planet of the Apes.
Autodesk Maya
The industry standard for computer animation. If you want to do animation professionally, this is the program you should focus on. 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software with an integrated, powerful toolset. Use it for animation, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality, and character creation.

Price: $195/Month | Free for students

Learn more…

A free, open-source, 3D program, Blender provides a broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing functionality in one package. Through its open architecture, Blender provides cross-platform interoperability, extensibility, an incredibly small footprint, and a tightly integrated workflow.

Price: Fr
how to make Photoshop cc2021
EYECONE DESIGN & ANIMATION STUDIO is the nation’s top 3D animation studio. For more than 10 years, we have created award-winning work for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and medical marketing companies of all sizes.
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⁣Discover the top 7 reasons why including asparagus in your dog's diet is a game-changer. From promoting gut health and strengthening the immune system to adding variety to their meals, asparagus is a must-have ingredient for your furry friend's nutritional well-being.

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ATS OST to PST converter can hastily repair with recover and restore OST files and help to ingress the orphaned OST files data. This tool is designed with a highly advanced algorithm to recover damage OST (offline storage table) data files and export into PST (personal storage table) files and other formats which include EML, MSG, HTML, EMLX and vCard. If your OST data file has corrupted, you cannot open your email. This tool also provides a vantage to transmuted 30 emails each and every OST folders in its demo version without pay any cost this software.
Read More:

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Merge PST files easily by installing the Mailvita Merge PST for Mac tool. The application can be downloaded in any version of the Mac as well as Windows Operating System. Any hurdle is not faced by a user while following the steps of merging. A user needs to follow the below-provided steps.

Step 1- First, select the PST files that you need to merge.
Step 2- You can select the Directory mode or the file mode by clicking on the browse button.
Step 3- You can have a look at the selected PST files.
Step 4- Now, choose the destination Path and click on Browse Button.
Step 5- Finally, Click on the Merge Now button.

The steps of merging can easily be followed by any user without any hurdle. The installation of Mailvita Software can easily be downloaded by any user.

Download the app by clicking on this link: -

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The Weeknd - False Alarm, an exclusive live performance for Vevo.
The Weeknd performed for fans at the LA Hangar Studios on December 17, 2016, highlighting music from his ‘Starboy’ album. Kendrick Lamar was his guest during a performance of “Sidewalks.”

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Hogwarts calling!!

We've had our fair share of wonderful wizards grace the BGT stage, each one stunning us with some mighty magic!

Aidan McCann
Issy Simpson
Jasper Cherry
and Dan Rhodes

See more from Britain's Got Talent at


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MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool helps to extract emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc. from O365 to PST. A perfect solution for perform a secure Office 365 mailbox backup to PST in just a few clicks.
Download the solution here:

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⁣Miley Cyrus Vs Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares To Wrecking Ball

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Are you trying to convert EML to PST file? If yes, then you can use the Yota EML to PST Converter Tool. This is a reliable and efficient tool to export multiple EML files at once to the PST file format. It is powerful enough to convert EML files to PST without Outlook application. The software also supports converting EML files of all supported email clients.

Download the tool for free:

Steps to Convert EML to PST Without Outlook are:
Step 1. Download and Install Yota EML Converter.
Step 2. Click Open, Emal Data Files and select EML Files or Folder.
Step 3. Preview emails and apply filters to convert selective emails.
Step 4. Then click on Export and select PST from the saving options.
Step 5. Choose a path for storing PST file and hit the Save button.

You are done now.

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OneHub Chennai (OHC) is an integrated business city that is spread across 1,250 acres (506 Ha). OHC is envisioned to provide future ready business infrastructure for smooth business operations. The city offers multi-modal logistics connectivity, robust & plug-n-play infrastructure, clear land title, facilitation support for all statutory clearances and well-planned social infrastructure for hassle-free operations.

Readily available industrial land in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India with complete infrastructure in place.
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