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Avicii, Charlie Puth, Kygo, Dua Lipa & Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers Style - Summer Memories #510

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00:00 | 0. Linkin Park - In The End (Dj Dark _ Nesco Cover Remix)
03:14 | 1. Shoby - Dance Monkey (Remix)
06:12 | 2. Suprafive _ Nesco - Stranger (Original Mix)
10:30 | 3. Q o d ë s ft. ATHENA - Poison
13:57 | 4. Melih Aydogan - You Tell Me
18:46 | 5. Edward Maya _ Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Jay Latune Remix)
23:48 | 6. Easton Corbin - Are You With Me (Dj Dark _ Dj Vianu Remix)
27:42 | 7. Daniel Liebt - Cruel Summer
31:07 | 8. Avicii - SOS (Pascal Junior Remix)
34:27 | 9. Alan Walker - Faded (Dj Dark _ Dj Vianu Extended Remix)
39:48 | 10. Adele - Hello (Remix 2020) [Lyrics]
43:36 | 11. Marc Philippe - We Were Younger (Original Mix)
47:23 | 12. Marc Philippe - Is Someone Waiting For Me (Original Mix)
50:38 | 13. Marc Philippe - Summer Of Love (Original Mix)
54:30 | 14. Marc Philippe - You Love Me Tonight (Pete Bellis _ Tommy Remix) #deepdiscorecords
58:45 | 15. Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Treat Me Right (Nikko Culture Remix)
01:04:13 | 16. Marc Philippe - Dancer In The Dark (Original Mix)
01:08:17 | 17. Marc Philippe - September Rain (Original Mix)
01:11:51 | 18. Stoto - Right Back
01:16:08 | 19. Zomando - I Don_t Wanna Say Goodbye
01:18:30 | 20. Soundwaves - Found My Way
01:21:47 | 21. Ela Van Wolf - Way We Feel (Lyric Video)
01:24:16 | 22. Allena - Appelle Moi (Demeter Remix)

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Sanitization Service in Mumbai - Disinfection Control in Mumbai |
Sadguru Facility Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai Call: 8291960605 | 7208091124

proper sanitizing and cleaning techniques

Basic sanitization and cleaning methods can go a long way in improving immunity and saving ourselves from the bacterias. Sanitizing your hands at regular intervals with an alcohol-based sanitizer, not touching public places or disinfecting it before use are some methods to stay safe. It is also equally crucial that you follow proper disinfection methods at home to not welcome the virus.

Understanding the difference between Cleaning, Sanitization, and Sterilization
Cleaning is done to remove all the soil, dirt and the chemical residues that are easily visible. It also helps to remove the allergies from utensils and other equipment.
Sanitizing helps to reduce the microorganism level on the item to a safer level. Sanitization should be done after cleaning. If the surface is not clean then sanitization will not help.

Sterilization and Sanitation are often confused but they are not the same. Sanitization helps in reducing the microorganism level to a safe level and sterilization completely removes microorganisms from the substance. Sterilization is something that is done only in hospitals and not generally practiced at home.

Disinfect you home
All the surfaces in your home need to be disinfected. These are those places that are touched several times during the day. The number of germs on your remote control or the doorknob is something that you can never imagine. You may want to use disinfected wipes to do the needful or you could also hire a professional company that will do the complete cleaning and sanitization for you. Once you get a professional treatment you can then follow the basic hygiene to ensure that your house stays safe.

Using a disinfectant spray
There are hard to reach places in your home where you may not be able to wipe and clean with ease. Make use of the disinfectant sprays that will kill germs in those places too. If you are not sure about the right way to do it then worry not as there are professional services that will do the needful.

What should be cleaned and sanitized
You should try to sanitize everything possible at home. Cleaning and sanitization are what will go a long way in ensuring that your home stays safe from bacteria. Cleaning and sanitizing do not let the home pests to infect. It also does not cause food poisoning or any other sort of infection which takes care that your immunity stays high during this time of crisis.

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For artist only:-

UI/UX design mistakes:-

Packaging design trends 2022:-

Digital illustration trends 2021:-

What Is Graphic Design?:-

social media trends 2021:-

Web Design Trends 2022:-

30 Biggest Graphic Design Trends for 2021/22:-

9 Interior Design Trends for 2022 – 2023:- #see latest trends in :-
This style is super hot at the moment, and doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon! I saw it start to take shape around mid-2017, and thought “Oh that’s kind of fun….random organic cut out shapes …very Picasso revival”. And it’s just grown from there.

see latest trends in :-

Now we’re seeing these random organic ‘blobs’ everywhere. From fashion and linen fabrics, packaging, social media posts and even on website landing pages. Maybe it’s because we have a connection to the organic? Or perhaps it could be because this style often utilizes muted color tones and pastels, that are still trending.

I’m feeling however that it’s because we have this magnetic connection to the hand made. A total swing away from anything polished, to a design style, is less manufactured and more artisan.
This style may form the perception that ‘anyone could do it’, but it’s all about how those cut-out shapes are used together. I love this style, and it’s really fun to design, but it is not as simple as it seems. As you can see in our design examples, there are many shapes that overlay each other and it’s very important that the color palettes are sophisticated, and well thought out. The colors must work in harmony with each other, and the shapes used throughout the design.

The use of fonts is usually kept pretty simple, although I do see some brush fonts being used occasionally as highlights. Gone with the muted tones, and in 2020 I feel we will see much brighter colors being used, and more textures being introduced. As the hand-cut style becomes even more popular, I’m positive that the corporate world will see its positives, and utilize it into their branding and marketing collateral.

A re-imagination of the Euro-Punk movement from the late ’70s and ’80s, the fashion industry has been at the forefront of this style forever. But what’s interesting now is its progression onto everything digital and social. I’m seeing it consistently across club night flyers, sales promotions, and even church events… A natural progression as those industries try to tap into a younger, edgy demographic.

As you can see by the example below it’s so different from the “organic hand-cut style”, New wave is extremely polished and well thought out. It’s an industrial style, almost manufactured like a warning label. It kind of promotes a sense of urgency… Flash Sale! Flash Sale! Flash Sale! like a ‘do not cross’ police tape…It uses high contrasting color palettes and even colors that you would never think to go together work so well here.
EYECONE DESIGN & ANIMATION STUDIO is the nation’s top 3D animation studio. For more than 10 years, we have created award-winning work for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and medical marketing companies of all sizes.

EYECONE DESIGN & ANIMATION STUDIO is the nation’s top 3D animation studio. For more than 10 years, we have created award-winning work for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and medical marketing companies of all sizes.
#howtomake #photoshopcc #GSFXMentor #nimated
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⁣Siemens Grey, a unique shade offered in the LEXAN FR 943 series, combines aesthetic appeal with functionality.

#lexanfr943a111 #lexanfr943701 #lexanfr943 #authorizeddistributorofpcfrgranules

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⁣Mara Sattei - Piango In Discoteca

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You are hiring a reputable and trustworthy company in Amrsoftec. The company should be able to meet your specifications and your deadlines. Check out their services and portfolio.

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Worried about fleas and ticks bugging your furry friend?

Nexgard for Dogs is the answer! This tasty chewable offers:

Fast & Effective Flea & Tick Control: Kills fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 48 hours. ️
Long-lasting Protection: Keeps your pup itch-free for a full month!
Easy to Use: Just give them a delicious chew – most dogs love it!

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⁣Calling all Engines Part 3

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⁣As a leading supplier of polycarbonate resin, we offer a wide range of top-notch products, including SABIC PC1004R, LEXAN FR 940, Lotte INFINO 1220UR, and more.

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⁣Glass-filled granules such as LEXAN 3412R, PC 20% GF FR, LEXAN 3412R Natural, are highly durable.

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⁣For Windows and Mac, use DataVare OLM to PST Converter. With the application, you can easily convert your OLM files to PST. You don't need to worry about attachments because it transforms emails, attachments, and other mailbox objects from OLM files to PST on Mac. All you have to do to convert OLM to PST on any Mac OS is Add the OLM file, choose which emails you want to move and choose PST as your save format. The tool has more features. Outlook OLM files on Mac are converted to Outlook PST files on Windows. It works with all Mac OS versions—including the most recent one—and supports OLM files generated with any version of Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, it doesn't necessitate installing Microsoft Outlook.

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GRAPHIC DESIGN TRENDS IN 2022 | Design Trends of 2022 | Trends in Design for 2022
Top Graphic Design Trends in 2022 key takeaways:
see latest trends in :-

#1. Colorful minimalism
#2. Attention to inclusion
#3. Geometric shapes
#4. Simple data visualization
#5. Monochrome effects
#6. Classic serif fonts
#7. Text-heavy videos
#8. Psychedelic design
#9. Symbols, symbols, symbols
#10. Muted colors
#11. Social slide decks
#12. Surrealism
#13. How do you keep up with current trends?
The importance of graphic design cannot be overemphasized. It adds to identity as well as extends beyond the appearance of a brand. Due to good graphics, brands provide education, inform or convince the audience by using various images, shades, and shapes. It’s important to realize that things regularly change in the world of graphic design and it’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. Consequently, designers should explore the latest trends of 2022 thoroughly and implement them in their activities. Later in this article, I will tell you about new trends, which will be relevant for several years.
Colorful minimalism
According to traditional beliefs, minimalism combines black text with white background, but as a rule, such images lack brightness and colorfulness.

In the past year, modern creators have done a lot of work and now it can be said that the concept of «minimalistic design» has completely changed. Fans of new minimalism are emerging in today’s world. This minimalism mixes two designs with the use of important sense-bearing components only. Global giants like Apple have already implemented neutral and muted color palettes in their marketing messages.

However, a range of color palettes hasn’t become an obstacle for modern designers. They create beautiful combinations of sophisticated design with traditional minimalism. Color and creativity have become advantages of many famous brands, which have dismissed unnecessary elements and gave due consideration to visual effects.
Attention to inclusion
The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked interest in reconsideration of social prejudices around the world. Currently, this movement continues to inspire all people, in particular, graphic designers.

It’s evident by diversity, which is represented in many designs. Renewed interest in this problem can be seen in how graphic designers portray diversity while trying to achieve positive changes with colorful illustrations and stock photos.

Change has touched the designers, who have achieved fame by portraying black people in inspiring works of art. It’s expected that this inclusion will get itself into graphic design, the purpose of which is to highlight different cultures, skin color, and beliefs.
Geometric shapes
More and more geometric shapes show up in graphic design this year. Wherever you look, you’ll see designers use such shapes in their work, while replacing abstract ones, which used to define graphics earlier.

You can combine them with any image and create a unique mix of unusual details. They became popular with many companies such as Rivet, Zendesk, and Venngage. Apart from the images, you can use shapes to represent data points, display content, and even reflect your brand. Even better, these shapes combined with muted colors create client-friendly text and attractive visual effects.
Simple data visualization

A positive result is achieved because a reader can quickly see the conclusion, which an author is trying to lead to with a picture. Considering tons of data that people have been dealing with lately, reader-friendly images are critical. Designers do that to retain people’s attention. Remember that complex information is usually ignored because the readers are trying to save their time and scroll.

Data can be simplified with the help of simple pie or bubble charts. But if you are a creative person or you want something more attractive, the creation of infographics is the best option. Make sure that you have all the necessary information, which you want to present graphically, and it’s well-visualized.
Monochrome effects
Nowadays many graphic designers are experimenting with the creation of images and saturating them with monochrome effects. As a derivation of a two-color trend of 2017, monochrome effects are becoming increasingly popular with graphic designers. Use a monochrome filter and the achievement of an unusual result is guaranteed.
Classic serif fonts
Serif fonts, which date all the way back to the 15th century, are one of the oldest font styles still in use. Don’t get serif and san serif fonts confused. Note that classic serif fonts have little «embellishments» at the top and bottom (or on both sides) of letters. Our ancestors couldn’t express themselves in a standard way even in writing.

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⁣You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs and purchase your raw material from SABIC authorized distributor.

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#see latest trends in :-
The trouble is that the business world changes faster than some of these freelancing platforms. If you want to stay up-to-date, you need to know which freelancing websites to use. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best freelancing websites and platforms, including what they specialize in and whom they’re recommended for.

see latest trends in :-

1 Freelancer
2 Guru
3 99designs
4 PeoplePerHour
5 Outsourcely
6 ServiceScape
7 Toptal
8 Truelancer
9 Fiverr
10 Upwork
11 WriterAccess
12 YunoJuno

1. Freelancer
On the spectrum of freelancing websites, Freelancer is a more formal, business-oriented brand. There won’t be any fortune tellers on here! They offer a large pool of professional-tier freelancers for a variety of business services. Because they cater to larger businesses, freelancers can find some lucrative projects here. A thing to keep in mind is projects require time tracking and logging all working hours into an app.

2. Guru
Guru has a very similar model to Freelancer, in that both focus on higher-end business services. So for businesses it’s a great way to find freelancers with different skills.
For freelancers, you can still find serious gigs that pay well, but again you have to jump through hoops. The biggest complaint about Guru is the freelancer membership fees. The free plan lets you bid on 120 projects per year, but considering other paid memberships have perks like search boosts, premium quotes and sales messages, you’ll likely have to sign up just to compete.
3. 99designs
99designs by Vistaprint is a global creative platform that makes it easy for clients and freelance designers to work together online. Our community of professional design experts from around the world focusses on all areas of graphic design, encompassing web design, packaging design, logo design, book covers and many more.

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is not too big that you get lost in the competition, but not too small that the offers are insufficient. It’s a good place for low- and mid-level jobs: ideal for freelancers who aren’t quite beginners and ideal for businesses to find freelancers without using up all of the budget in one go.
Just keep in mind: PeoplePerHour locks in the client deposit right away, so as a freelancer you never have to worry about getting paid.
5. Outsourcely
Outsourcely connects businesses with freelancers all over the world, with an emphasis on long-term relationships. This isn’t a site for a quick job, but more for freelancers and clients who want a continuous and steady working relationship.
6. ServiceScape
ServiceScape focuses primarily on writing, translation and editorial work. If you’re looking for a proofreader or a copywriter you can browse profiles and communicate directly with the freelancers to find the right fit for your project. The platform caters to big businesses as well as small, so top-tier freelancers can charge their rate without worrying about being undercut.
7. Toptal
Short for “top talent,” Toptal advertises that its community only features the top 3% of professionals in fields like development, finance, product management, design, programming and project management. As you can imagine, TopTal can offer some of the highest-paying jobs from the freelancing platforms, but of course not for everyone. They have a rigorous entrance exam that consists of a live screening, professional review, and tests for language and personality.
8. Truelancer
Truelancer leverages remote workers around the world to provide startups and SMBs with low-cost alternatives to local freelancers. They handle business services like writing, sales and marketing, SEO, design and evelopment.
O9. Fiverr
Fiverr is a fast and cheap freelancing platform (their name refers to the standard $5 fee for gigs), quickly.
10. UpworkU
is one of the most well-known freelancing websites, and also one of the biggest. They work with a wide range of industries, from IT and programming to marketing, accounting and admin services, but the sheer amount of competition can make things difficult. To compensate, Upwork uses talent badges to help certain freelancers stand out—if you qualify for one or more of these, in particular a Rising Talent badge, it could make all the difference.
11. WriterAccess
As surprising as it may seem, WriterAccess specializes in writing work. However, high-paying clients can also browse profiles in other content creation services like videography and photography. WriterAccess has s
12. YunoJuno
YunoJuno is a rather freelancer-friendly platform, centered in the UK. They host freelancers in a variety of business fields, especially in tech and creative fields like development, marketing, copywriting and film. Rates are sthe other freelancing websites, although they’re the largest in the UK.

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⁣The Shira Choir x The Kiffness - Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis (Psalm 127 DANCE REMIX)

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A step-by-step guide to convert MBOX to PST format in a few clicks. MailsDaddy MBOX to PST Converter is the best solution for converting MBOX files, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple mail emails to Outlook-compatible PST format, EML, MSG, HTML, RTF, Office 365 and Live Exchange Server, etc.

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1-Download and install MailsDaddy MBOX Converter on your PC
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4- The software will preview emails along with attachments
5- Click on the Export button, select PST or other required format, and finally click the Export button to initiate the conversion.

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⁣You can efficiently Convert OST to PST without Exchange Server and Outlook by using DataVare OST To PST Converter. it's comes with various multiple features that helps us to export outlook OST files to PST with entire data like Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Attachments, tasks etc. It operate on both operate on both operating Mac and Windows all version. Even Offers free trial to all users which they evaluate the properties of software.


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⁣Book tickets for India's largest music concert - Lollapalooza 2023 in Mumbai, India. Experience 50+ artists lineup at lollapalooza music festival at 28th & 29th January 2023 performing 1st time in India. Get your lollapalooza tickets & passes on BookMyShow.

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MailsDaddy Exchange Server Suite is a multi-purpose tool to Migrate from different sources like OST, PST, EDB, Live Exchange Server, and Office 365 to Microsoft 365. This is a complete migration suite for Exchange server, MS Outlook, and M365.

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