Spooky Halloween Ambience - Haunted Forest Graveyard Sounds

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1 hour 4K Spooky Halloween Ambience scene with a haunted forest graveyard, ghosts, owls, and other creepy but relaxing halloween sounds and spooky white noise. This animated 4k Halloween scene and soundscape was designed to be fun and relaxing but also a little creepy for those of you that love Halloween and halloween asmr ambience videos. Though this dark ambient forest looks a little scary at first, you'll notice many playful and calming details like the flickering jack-o'-lanterns, meandering graveyard ghosts, hooting owls, and a peaceful spooky white noise made of wind sounds, rustling leaves, owls, crows, soft footsteps, and other ambient Halloween sounds and white noise.

.....You must have made a wrong turn, because nothing in this foggy forest looks familiar any more. The wind has picked up, filling the air with the sound of rustling leaves, and the light has faded into gloom, turning your relaxing October walk into a spooky Halloween scene. You can hear owls hooting and wolves howling in the distance. Wait…were those footsteps? You round a bend in the trail and a creepy cabin rises out of the mist in front of you, surrounded by an ancient-looking forest graveyard decorated with eerily grinning pumpkins. Suddenly you see it: a ghostly white shape, drifting between the gravestones! You’ve stumbled into a haunted forest, my friend, and you’re in for a truly spooky night....

Use the ambient Halloween sounds of this haunted graveyard scene to create a spooky ambience for a Halloween party, answering the door for trick-or-treaters, or just curling up with a good scary story! Are you a cabin dweller loner and possible murderer looking to relax with a little spooky white noise? Are you a ghost wanting to unwind with some haunted forest ASMR? Look no further. These haunted graveyard sounds would also make excellent background noise for a horror-themed D&D game, murder mystery dinner party, or other Halloween activities. Beware: this video may relax you into a peaceful sleep…but you may dream about ghosts. You’ve been warned.

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This is a 1 hour ASMR ambience video designed for relaxation, sleep, focus, or reading. Relaxing white noise videos like this are created by editing many layers of ambient audio tracks together to create an original background soundscape to help reduce stress and anxiety. All sounds and images were created by Calmed By Nature or used with permission.

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Audio Attribution:
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