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CYBER CHAIN how does it work TRX Smart Contract

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Tutorial GuadagnoTuo
Tutorial GuadagnoTuo
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CYBER CHAIN how does it work TRX Smart Contract
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CYBERCHAIN is a 3×2 Matrix meaning 3 wide, 2 deep (3 front line 9 second)
The unique with CYBERCHAIN is the 50% / 50% algorithm that has been designed for maximum profits and supporting your own team.
This algorithm means that anyone have the opportunity to receive overflow and additonal underflow, all dependent on the activity of your sponsor in
The 50% / 50% works this way :
50% goes to immediate upline (dependent on placement in matrix it can be
directs sponsor or someone on sponsor front line) and 50% goes to upline upline, always.
When all 12 positions in your matrix have been you will have received in your personal wallet 10 x 50% = 500%
2 x 50% is used to automatically reinvest and open a new matrix so you to continue to earn unlimited times from that matrix level.
A reinvest works as following:
Of the 12 positions in your matrix, you will receive 10×50% of the level cost
directly to your personal wallet
2×50% will be used for reinvest, but the positon that is used for reinvest is
randomly chosen dependent on the upline and upline upline need to reinvest–
No matter what, 10 payments goes directy to your personal wallet while 2
payments is used for your reinvestment of that same level
What happens to my DIRECT partners when they reinvest?
When your direct partner completes their own personal matrix, they will
automatically reinvest , this will open a new position with you in Your new
matrix and you receive 50% again Your directes are coded to you and will always follow you.
There is a total of 12 levels in CYBERCHAIN, each matrix level is a 3×2 and purchased a level once you have activated unlimited potential earnings due to the auto reinvest
When you complete a level you will get an upgrade notification and if you do NOT purchase to the next, the current matrix level will lock and anything your where to receive will flow to qualified uplines.
When you have purchased the next level, the previous will unlock and you can enjoy unlimited earnings from this level for all time.
The cost of the levels is displayed in TRON (TRX)
There is a 4% admin fee added to the level cost when purchasing the first time
The first 7 levels in CYBERCHAIN will double in cost (x2)

The next and last 5 levels in CYBERCHAIN will triple in cost (x3)

When competing a level it´important to
buy the next not to loose any profits due
to the lock.
Overflow is a person that enters your matrix sponsored by an upline above
Underflow is a person that comes into your matrix coming from your direct downline and/or overflow from top
Overtaking is when a downline partner passes you on a level.
If you are on level 6 and a downline in your team goes to level 7,
this person will overtake you will have lost that profits due to overtaking.
Lost profit is a notification that someone below you have passed
you on that level and you lost the profit as it went to a qualifed upline on that level
Upgrade is a notification showing when you have completed
(cycled) a level the first time.
It marks and shows that it is now time to buy the next level or the
current will lock and you will loose all payments from that level.
CYBERCHAIN is a 3×2 matrix meaning you have 3 direct and 9 second line in your matrix, a total of 12 positions.
There’s a total of 12 levels, each with a higher entry to receive more and from all 10/12 positions in each of your matrixes you will receive 50% to your wallet
(2 used for reinvestment)
This is a network build model, where the more you do and the more people you help to do the same, the more you and your direct partners will benefit and profit.
There is potential for spillover but in the end, you and only you are responsible for your results with CYBERCHAIN
The is a model for those who can or want to build a team, help others do the same and make themselves a substantial income by working for it, the more you and your team does do the more you will receive.
This unique matrix algorithm will make CYBERCHAIN the biggest community matrix in history, but as said, never rely on spillover or your sponsor to build your business.
But do know, I CYBERCHAIN, you will have the best leadership, mentorship,
training, educations and full support for you to succeed 100%.
The ULTIMATE 3X2 MATRIX,designed with the community in mind

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CYBER CHAIN how does it work TRX Smart Contract

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