Giving A Homeless Man $3,000

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So basically, was out filming a prank video. After finishing up filming, was heading back to a car and just so happened to run into this guy. Filmed a short 2 minute interaction with him where he did this cool moustache dance and then we parted ways. I posted the video on YouTube on the whatever2nd channel, and it went viral. So we started a crowd funding campaign for him on Indiegogo and raised nearly $2,666 (we threw in the rest of our own money to make it $3,000) for him and this is the result.

A lot of people question whether he is homeless because of the clothes he is wearing, he actually likes to call himself "houseless" because he does stay at a sort of homeless shelter, and the town where he remains he considers his "home". There is a lot of homeless outreach in the town, and a lot of donations. Everyday people (mostly college students) bring clothes to a "bin" where the homeless may grab whatever they want. I also imagine the shelter provides basic hygiene and grooming items. As for the bank comment, he said he "has to go find a bank" I'm pretty sure he was joking about the bank. As for the watch, again, people donate lots of items and there is some support here in town so.

I still see Clydesdale most times I go out filming, he is alive and kicking and always comes by and says hi. He also rocks our whatever shirt / hat from time to time too :).

Inspired by:
Extreme Homeless Man Makeover / Homeless Jackpot Prank / Feeding The Homeless Prank / Giving A Homeless Man $3,000 / Homeless Lottery Winner / How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100? by Josh Paler Lin

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