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60 Minutes of Smurfs • Compilation 6 • The Smurfs

Published on 09 Nov 2019 / In Kids

00:00 - 12:27 - One Good Smurf Deserves Another
Handy Smurf has saved Clumsy from a horrible fate. Clumsy swears eternal devotion to his savior and does his best to repay his debt...With awkward results. A clever scheme is needed to stop Clumsy's well-meant catastrophes...

12:28 - 23:58 - Revenge Of The Smurfs
A war is raging in the Middle Ages. Knights in armor in hot pursuit inadvertently destroy the Smurfs' Village so a small band of Smurfs decide to avenge this wrongdoing. Won't Papa Smurf think this is too human-like a reaction?

23:59 - 35:30 - The Last Laugh
Gargamel has found a new diabolical scheme to get rid of the Smurfs: a glittering powder that is going to reduce them to helpless laughter...

35:31 - 46:54 - The A-Maze-Ing Smurfs
Jokey Smurf is dying to meet Melchior the Magnificent creator of the famous vanishing Box Trick. Can Gargamel catch the Smurfs in Melchior's Amazing Maze?

46:55 - 58:26 - For The Love Of Gargamel
Trying a new spell on the Smurfs backfires when Gargamel turns himself into stone. The Smurfs are delirious with joy. Their archenemy will make them suffer no more!

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The Smurfs
This series follows the adventures of the Smurfs, little blue creatures who live in a peaceful village and try to outwit the evil Gargamel.

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