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60 Minutes of Smurfs • Compilation 2 • The Smurfs

Published on 09 Nov 2019 / In Kids

00:00 - 12:26 - Dreamy's Nightmare
Dreamy leaves his fellow Smurfs to seek adventure and ends up in Gargamel's giant cauldron. Papa Smurf, trying to rescue him, is also captured but escapes when he uses his magic whistle that whisks him and Dreamy back to the Smurf village.

12:27 - 23:57 - Fuzzle Trouble
Clumsy brings a Fuzzle back to the Smurf village where the tiny, loveable creature multiplies and threatens to eat the new dam. Harmony plays his music and the entranced Fuzzles march back into the woods where they attach themselves to an unsuspecting Gargamel.

23:58 - 35:28 - All That Glitters Isn't Smurf
Gargamel captures ten Smurfs for his gold potion and Papa Smurf plans their escape. He lures the wily wizard into the woods with a mountain of fake gold while he uses the unwitting Azrael to help free the Smurfs.

35:29 - 46:59 - The Fake Smurf
Hogatha turns herself into a Smurf, plotting revenge on the little people for destroying her magic locket. Papa Smurf outwits her and banishes her from the forest once more.

47:00 - 58:29 - The Baby Smurf
Gargamel turns himself into a Baby Smurf, to be adopted by the Smurfette. He causes complete chaos in the Smurf Village when he tries to blow it up with a time bomb! Papa Smurf discovers his evil plot and uses the explosive to send the wizard back to his dismal castle.

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The Smurfs
This series follows the adventures of the Smurfs, little blue creatures who live in a peaceful village and try to outwit the evil Gargamel.

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