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30 Minutes of Smurfs • Compilation 3 • The Smurfs

Published on 09 Nov 2019 / In Kids

00:00 - 12:26 - Magical Meanie
The Smurfs find a 'meanie genie' that refuses to grant them their wishes until they call out the magic word. Unfortunately, Gargamel does some research in his library and finds that 'pumpernickel pickles' will send the genie on a magical errand to capture the Smurfs. After Gargamel uses up his three wishes, Papa Smurf sings out the same magic word and the genie has to grant his commands to free the Smurfs, toss Gargamel into the river and bottle himself up forever.

12:27 - 23:57 - Smurf Coloured Glasses
Handy gives Smurfette a pair of rose-colored glasses that are instrumental in luring her into Gargamel's clutches. Fortunately, a hungry giant comes visiting, tries the glasses on, which make Gargamel look very appetizing. As he chases the wizard, the Smurfette escapes.

23:58 - 35:30 - Dreamy's Nightmare
Dreamy leaves his fellow Smurfs to seek adventure and ends up in Gargamel's giant cauldron. Papa Smurf, trying to rescue him, is also captured but escapes when he uses his magic whistle that whisks him and Dreamy back to the Smurf village.

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The Smurfs
This series follows the adventures of the Smurfs, little blue creatures who live in a peaceful village and try to outwit the evil Gargamel.

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